Somatics for Low Back Pain


Practice mindfulness, reduce muscle tension, calm your nervous system, and improve your mobility through this 40-minute Somatic Movement Lesson to control your back muscles!




Download your Somatic Movement Audio to release that stubborn lower back pain!

  • Learn how to voluntarily release your tight back muscles for a new resting muscle length, eliminating your areas of Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA)
  • Regain accurate sensory-motor control of yourself through pandiculation
  • Improve proprioceptive awareness for better therapeutic and performance results
  • Calm your central nervous system for better awareness, focus, voluntary muscle control, lower anxiety, better sleep, and more
  • Continue your day with increased mindfulness

The purpose of this lesson is to retrain your brain to voluntarily control your muscles. Tight, tense back muscles are not under your voluntary control. After all, if they were, the muscles wouldn’t stay tight and you could relax!

The gentle movements you will learn in this sequence will give you the tools to address muscle tension where it originates: YOUR BRAIN! Over time, your brain will naturally keep your muscles more relaxed; however, a daily (and if you want, shorter) Somatic Movement practice is necessary to keep the shifts in your nervous system.

How to Use This Audio

Practice this 40-minute class in a quiet space, free from distractions. Make sure you are on a firm enough surface so your brain can accurately sense how you rest on the floor.

Before you begin, review the following PDFs available through the download:

  1. How to do Somatic Movements – this 1 pager describes the way in which you should approach the practice and is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to read prior to doing the audio.
  2. Somatics for Lower Back Pain PDF – this PDF gives pictures and short descriptions of the movements you will learn through the audio.

Remember: Trying to force any sort of change in your muscle tension never works; do these movements with a gentle curiosity, like you were learning them for the first time.