Soma Scan


Practice mindfulness with this FREE 5-minute Soma Scan audio guide.

‘Soma’ refers to the living body as experienced from within. This audio guide will help you find that perspective for yourself!



Download your FREE Soma Scan audio guide to help turn your awareness inward!

  • Improve proprioceptive awareness for better therapeutic and performance results
  • Calm your central nervous system for better awareness, focus, voluntary muscle control, lower anxiety, better sleep, and more
  • Continue your day with increased mindfulness

You can simply use this as a way to calm down! Perfect for times of global uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 situation.

The purpose of the Soma Scan is to go deeply inward to sense and notice how you are resting on the floor. By paying attention and creating more proprioceptive awareness of yourself, and noticing different areas of your body internally, you enter the present moment as it is, just as you are.

How to Use This Audio

Practice this 5-minute Soma Scan before starting your Somatic Movement practice.

There is no need to judge or change anything. Practice this Soma Scan with your eyes closed! Do this in a quiet room, with no distractions, on a firm surface (a mattress is too soft; your brain needs to sense feedback of how your body is resting).