Somatic Movements for Freer Breathing

with Lisa Godenick

Tuesday, January 19, 2020 – Tuesday, February 9, 2021

5:30-6:30pm PST

What information does your breath give you? When you breathe normally, do you feel it in your chest? Your belly? Your shoulders? Are you letting your diaphragm breathe? Learn how to create freer breathing through gentle somatic movements.

Clinical somatic education retrains how your brain controls your muscles for efficient movement, completely under your voluntary control.

When we experience stress, our breathing is the first thing compromised and the tightening of muscles in our torso due to stress further restricts our ability to breathe; this can go on unnoticed by the conscious mind.

Somatic breathing will help you change how you are breathing – even when you are not paying attention – for fuller breathing and an increase of oxygen to your vital organs. We were all born with the effortless ability to breathe – just watch an infant the next time you are curious about the breath – and we can all relearn to breathe fully and freely, through our conscious awareness and releasing tension.

Register for this 4-week class if you are interested in:

– Learning how to release out of stress reflex patterns your nervous system is operating in that directly contribute to your breath holding pattern

– Regaining the ability to sense and control the muscles of your ribcage, back, front, and sides

– Improving your posture

– Learning self-care and injury prevention methods

– Reducing or eliminating your musculoskeletal pain!!!!

Online with Zoom

You will receive the zoom link for the series once you have paid and registered.

To sign up, please email me: